How many kits I buy?
You can buy all you need.

How many templates included with each kit?
Include between 28 and 30 templates

It is fully editable kits?
If they are fully editable

What format are the templates?
They're in PowerPoint format, you can edit them with PowerPoint 2007.2010, 2013 or later.

Send them personalized?
We do not ship custom, editable only.

Printed send?
We do not send physically printed.

Where I can resell?
The you can resell on sites like Etsy, Artfire, Zazzle, Ebay, etc.

As they send?
On the main page of this store you can download the kits, but to be able to unzip the folders you need a password, when you make payment by PAYPAL, you send your mail passwords kits.

Forms of payment do you have?
The method of payment is through PAYPAL.